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Q: What does "50% Occupancy Required for Multiple Sites" mean?
A: If you are booking more than one tent or vehicle site for same stay duration, you must have at least 50% maximum occupancy for all sites. For example, if you book tent site 1A and 1B with both accommodating 10 campers each max, you must have at least 5 guests paid for each site for entire stay duration. This applies only to tent and vehicle sites.

Q: My flight does not come in till after check-in hours. Will someone be there to let us in?
A: After hours check-in is available by calling the number posted outside our front office door which is (808) 479-6469. Tips accepted.

Q: I hear parking closes at 7pm. How do we get to our camp site?
A: You would have to park outside and walk-in with a flashlight. At the office entrance there will be your permit with your last name on it. On the other side of that paper there will be a map showing you how to get to where you’re going. You must call or email us and let us know that you will be arriving after hours so we could get your paperwork together for you to pick up.

Q: I am scheduled to check in after hours. Do I pay the next day and how do I pay for add-ons?
A: If paying via credit card, all bookings for the day are processed before closing so you can contact our reservations and let them know your new count. If paying via cash, after hours staff will collect your payment or contact you the next day when opening.

Q: When I try to reserve a site online and it’s available, it says to “call us.” Why does it tell us to call you if it is available?
A: When booking multiple nights, the reason it’s telling you to call is because one of the nights in the dates you entered has already been reserved.

Q: The news said that the weather conditions for my dates coming up wasn’t going to be good and I was wondering if we could get a refund. Or what is your cancellation policy?
A: If it is within 30 days of your check-in date, you will not be able to receive a full refund. You can call or email us your cancel request. In addition, for Tutu’s Hale, any cancels made greater than 30 days out incur a 50% processing fee. See our Park Rules for full details.

Q: Where do we park if we can’t get in after hours?
A: You would park anywhere by the office in the nearby parking lot.

Q: What units have electricity?
A: All Plantation Suites have electricity with multiple outlets. Tutu's Hale also has electricity in the Pavilion and in their Hale's.

Q: Do we need a permit from the State? Where do we get one?
A: We (Malaekahana Beach Campground Kahuku section) are not managed by the state and do not require a permit. Reservations are required. You can make a reservation on this web site.

Q: Do we need parking permit?
A: You will need a parking permit when staying on property and driving past the secured coded entry gate. Parking passes are limited to 1 per 5 guests (e.g. 20 overnight guests = 5 parking passes, etc.) maximum. All other cars would have to park outside and walk in with the exception of Vehicle camp sites.

Q: I made a reservation online – how do I change it?
A: If you would like to make changes to an existing reservation, you would have to contact us via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone at (808) 674-7715 with your reservation number.

Q: The site says can accommodate up to 4 people – can I bring more? Is there a charge?
A: You may have campers outside of the Suite or Hale at a charge of the camper fee, which is $9.41 per person, per night. They have a max of 6 people in tents outside for a total of 10 maximum people per site.

Q: We are arriving late after you close at 4:30pm. How do we get to our camp site or check-in?
A: You will have to call or email in advanced to let us know you will be arriving after hours so we could have your paperwork ready. At the office entrance there will be a parking pass with your last name on it. On the back of that parking pass there will be a map showing you how to get where you are going. If you arrive after 7pm, you would have to park outside and walk in with your camping gear. Please bring a flashlight as it is dark.

Q: Are you open on holidays?
A: We are open every day of the year for camping. Office however is closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's day. Guests checking in on those days will receive instructions for check-in.

Q: How far in advance can we make a reservation? How many days before check-in do we have to make a reservation?
A: We book up to a year in advanced. You could book for any time, just as long as it is available. For same day reservations please call to make sure availability and check-in confirmation procedures are communicated.

Q: Do you have pots and pans?
A: We do not have pots or pans. We do however have a variety of merchandise available for sale or rent at our camp store.

Q: Do you have barbecue grills at any of the sites? Fire pit?
A: We do not have grills at any of the tent sites. We do have a fire pit at each Tent site, Hale and Suite. We also sell portable grills and camping supplies at office.

Q: Can we check-in early and check-out late? Is there a fee? What time too?
A: You may check-in early or late depending on availability the day before or after of your site(s). You would have to call or email the office in advance to add this to your reservation. There is a fee for early check-in and late check-out. Early check-in would be available any time after 8:30am, and late check-out would be any time before 5:30pm. Please view our Reservation Fees and Payments policy information here.

Q: Do you have Wi-Fi?
A: There is no public Wi-Fi available on the campgrounds. However, there is Wi-Fi available for purchase at the office. Wi-Fi signal is located at the Activity Trailer area.

Q: Do you have indoor or hot showers?
A: All showers are outdoor beach showers. All showers are cold except for the solar showers located between Area 2 and Vehicle camp area.

Q: Do you supply toilet paper?
A: You are responsible for bringing your own toilet paper. Toilet paper is also available for sale at the camp store.

Q: Are kids free to camp?
A: Children ages 3 and under are free for camping.

Q: Do you allow birthday parties or special events at your site?
A: No commercial vendors or set-ups allowed on campgrounds without management approval.

Q: I heard there is theft in the area?
A: The same with anywhere you travel it is possible to have theft. We do recommend that due to possible theft do not leave anything of value unattended. Lock your vehicles, suites and or Hale’s when leaving the area. We are not responsible for items that may be lost or stolen.

Q: We have friends coming for the day. Do they need to pay? How late can they stay?
A: There is no day use fee for people to enjoy our campgrounds for the day. However once the gate closed at 7pm all guest needs to vacate the property or there will be a camper fee of $9.41 per person assessed to the credit card on file.

Q: Is there a charge for our guest if we have a party during our camping trip?
A: Yes should your count exceed your reservation there will be a day use fee of $5 per person.

Q: Is there a min/maximum we are aloud to have for day use guest?
A: There is no min, however there is a maximum count of 50 for day use charge/event.

Q: Where do my day use guest park?
A: All day use guest will need to park in the day use parking public parking areas.



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